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Check if the data is stamped

ETH stamps

ETH stamps, or "Smart stamps" allow creators & builders of all types to communicate safely with their audience, communities & users. By filing a simple form via our Stamp manager, creators allow anyone who interacts with their data in any medium to verify its integrity & authenticity, this includes verifying collaborations, payable links, smart contract addresses, admins, social media accounts, marketplaces, token addresses, ENS and more!!!


item is verified and safe to use

No Proof found

item is not stamped! Careful!

Clients :

Client Stage Links
Web dApp MVP link
Discord Bot MVP n/a
Telegram Bot MVP n/a
web extention tba
MetaMask texa tba
Mobile App tba

How? Creators side

Guild, business owners, builders, artists, and influencers stamp their data on the blockchain ( Payable endpoints, links, admins, social media accounts, ENS , wallets) using the stamp manager

User side? How

Simply write or copy pasta the data you are interacting with in one of our apps or bots, and ETHstamp agent will check for you if it's stamped against our smart contract.

Where is EthStamp heading?

While looks minimalistic on its front, the team is developing extra features that will take this new generation of digital stamping and proof of authenticity to the next level. our stamps will shortly be powered by fraud detection A.I, Owners proofs, and blacklist aggregator. ofc it will also be followed by an easily integrated API for other developers to use!

Alpha v0.2